Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Join us this Sunday as we continue our new series 

focusing on the fundamental Christian experiences. 

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Join our sermon series as we continue walking through the grand story of the Bible, inspired by Sean Gladding's book


Looking to start or get back into reading the Bible for yourself? 

Picking up the habit of reading the Bible is a little more difficult for a couple reasons. First, most Bibles are printed more like reference books than reading books. Second, many people now have replaced physical Bibles with Bible apps on their smartphones -- and most of us don't associate our smartphones with Bible reading, so we can easily forget or get distracted! Third, the Bible's is long -- is there a plan for reading through it? Here are a few things we've found helpful:


The ESV Reader's Bible is laid out like a novel, not an encyclopedia. It's designed to remove as many distractions as possible--e.g., verse numbers, subheadings, footnotes. But it's laid out with a readable font and margins to let you get absorbed in the Bible. Multiple editions available at


NeuBible is a new iPhone app designed, again, for distraction free reading of the Bible. It is simple to use and designed to help you focus and get absorbed in the reading of the Bible. The price is now $1.99. 


Here are some Bible reading plans to help you break your Scripture reading rhythm into manageable chunks. Choose your desired plan and they will email you regular reminders. Easy!