Experiencing the Way of Jesus Together




We are a church full of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and stories who come together to live out life in a community of faith. We're not perfect and we don't pretend to have it all together. Yet what we do have we will gladly share with you. 



We'd love to have you join us for our next Sunday worship service. We meet at 10:30am at Logan High School in Union City, CA. Simply follow the signs once you get here.



Sundays at 10:30am

James Logan High School
1800 H St
Union City, CA 94587



A full children's program (infants - 5th grade) is provided as part of our Sunday worship service. Creating a safe, fun, and dynamic experience for children is extremely important to our community.



1. Parents and kids worship together for the first few songs of the service.

2. Children are dismissed during our welcome. Parents walk their children to the appropriate classroom. 

3. Parents pick up kids after the worship service. 




Roles: host, meal, say grace, discussion leader, closing prayer

Gratitude & Grace

·         Go around: briefly share 1 thing you thank God for this past week

·         After, one person says Grace }

Break Bread

·         Take turns providing meals or somehow share the load

·         Briefly catch up if you haven’t already

·         (Optional) Follow up first on last time’s conversation


This part is meant to be meaningful, but informal: It’s ok to ask each other follow questions, if kids interrupt, if kids share too, or you have a lot to say for some questions but not much on others. This is not a Bible Study, but a real conversation!


Share about the past week or two using the following questions. Start with the first question; only do as many questions as time allows – next time, just pick up where you left off. Once you’ve answered the last question, circle back to the top! 


1.    How have your experiences of worship, prayer, or Scripture-reading been? What’s been difficult? What’s given you joy?

2.    How did you deal with temptation, stress, or fear this week? What did you learn about yourself? How might God be trying to grow you in this area?

3.    What spiritual gift or ability has God given you a chance to use? What came of it?

4.    Is there anyone in your church that God has put on your heart? Or you feel particularly grateful for? Or you need to make peace with?

5.    What fruit of the Spirit would you like to see increase in your life? Why? Are there any spiritual practices you can adopt to help cultivate this?

6.    What opportunities has God given you to share your faith with non-believers? How did you respond? 

7.    Is there a decision in your life right now that you need faith or wisdom from God about?

8.    Did you encounter people who needed compassion or justice? How did you respond?

9.    What’s your most strained relationship right now (if any)? What relationship(s) are most enriching to your spiritual life? Is God inviting you to do anything with these relationships?

10. How have you been caring for your physical health?

Prayer:  One person close in prayer